We are a group of IT geeks and mechanical engineers gathered to design and manufacture reliable, high-performance bike parts.

As passionate bikers and racers

we know the struggle - the lighter (more expensive)
you go, the chance of breaking stuff increases

Our core belief

here at Bellani is that you don’t need to sacrifice reliability to achieve performance. With clever
engineering, we design light and reliable bike components.

It all started in 2016...

How We Started

In 2016. we created our first prototype - the superlight wheelset based on our custom rims.

The rims were made using our custom layout and high-quality carbon. To ensure the stiffness, we decided to go with a 25mm
profile (25mm height and 25mm width).

To further increase the stiffness of the rim, we used internal nipples that require smaller holes to lace the wheel, therefore providing a stiffer rim.

Today, five years later, the wheelset is still going strong. It survived the years of abuse on some of the toughest trails and races in Europe. Recently, we took apart the wheelset to check the rims for internal damages - we did not find any.

Using the knowledge we gathered in 5 years of testing, we designed our current wheelset lineup.


Our mission is to create reliable, high-performance bike wheels that satisfy the needs of professional and hobby racers and weight weenies.


Our vision is to expand our product line with other bike parts and ultimately to create our own race machines (bikes).